Key Requirements

Requirements when Purchasing Units

The following table lists the requirements when purchasing units with the FHUT:

Type of InvestorDetails Required with Application FormSignature(s) Required
IndividualIndividual details:
- Valid photo identification *
- Birth Certificate
- Proof of source of funds
Joint Unit holdersDetails for both investors:
– Valid photo identification*
– Birth Certificate
– Proof of source of funds
Both investors
Investing on behalf of a minorAdult’s name ATF minor’s name:
– Valid photo identification of adult*
– Birth Certificate of Adult & Minor*
– Proof of source of funds
Example: Mr. John Smith ATF Junior Smith
Company (Includes all Investors qualifying FHUT as a Trustee Investment)Name of Company:
– Certificate of Registration
– Registered Memorandum and Articles of Association of Company
– Birth Certificate & Valid photo identification documents of the trustees*
– Minutes of the last Board meeting selecting Directors and resolution to invest -Proof of source of funds
As per Board minutes
Trust or GroupsName of Trust or Group:
– Registered Scheme Deed/Association/Club
– Charter or Constitution
– Minutes of meeting with signed members’ attendance list
– Resolution to invest
– Birth Certificate and valid photo identification of Trustees*
– Proof of source of funds
All the Trustee
Deceased EstateThe Executor’s name ATF Estate name:
Documents relating to the estate
– Probate
– Letters of Administration
– Valid photo identification of the trustee or the executor or administrator*
– Proof of source of funds
Example: Mr. John Smith ATF Estate Name
Executor or Administrator Of

For cash transactions of $5,000 or more and suspicious transaction reporting with the requirement of the ‘Financial Transactions Reporting Act (2004)’, the Manager is required to acquire investor information for customer/investor information verification. Investors are to provide supporting documents; copy of valid photo identification, source of fund/ income and any other document requested by the Manager (FHL FML).

Please contact the FHL FML licensed representatives on Telephone: (679) 331 1120 for any assistance you may need in filling out the application form.

Important Notes:

For all non-face to face customers, all documents must be certified by Justice of Peace, Notary or Commissioner of Oath.

  1. Investors who do not or refuse to produce adequate identification documents maybe refused the transaction by FHL FML and will be reported to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) (FTR Act.s.7).
  2. For more details on suspicious transaction reporting, please refer to the FTR Act.
  • Refers to one or more of the following: valid passport, driver’s license, FNPF membership card & any utility bills, etc.